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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Nowadays, wedding photography is not limited to taking posed pictures of the bride and groom, random clicks of the rituals or some emotionless shots of the relatives huddled together. Candid photography and properly framed and timed shots ensure that the picture portrays the energy and emotions of the moment in full authenticity. This is where ‘Photosynthesis’ comes into picture… Literally!

We know how precious your wedding day is to you. You want to frame every bit of it. We want your wedding photography to stand out from the crowd of marriage photography. Our wedding images include your family banters, the laughter, the tears, the hymns, the mesmerizing wedding event and a lot more. The pre wedding photography captures the captures the essence of your relationship, the trust, the love. We are specialist in shooting Indian wedding photography and we mix western style with them to make them adorable.


We are the local photographers who are easy to reach and the best wedding photographers in your town. We are also destination wedding photographers. We don’t miss a single detail of your special day. The way we see and capture the moments of your wedding ceremony, it makes the perfect candid wedding photography.


Our enthusiastic team members, professional editors and professional photographers make us the top wedding photographers. We pride ourselves in our bridal photography. Our engagement photography captures your destiny experiences into eternal moments.


Your pre-wedding photos will come into life when we are working behind the lens. Apart from family photography, we also specialise in wedding cinematography. We are not only photographers but we are dream weavers, we are creators and you can see the real feeling of your wedding through our photography.


Meet our exceptionally professional as well as jovial team of photographers who put life into your wedding photos. We understand the moments that are priceless to you and we frame them with utmost empathy and passion.